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Li'l Ones

Keepsakes & Seasonal Figures

"Li'l Ones comes to life"

Stop at any of our events and see the unique and individually designed Li'l Ones.  

You will be amazed ! Li'l Ones beautiful keepsakes are individually unique in character, created by registered artist Jeri S. Merritt.

The whimsically elegant figure is crafted with a creative touch from bread and glue; then air dried. The glaze finish brings the creations to life with a delightful sparkle.       

Li’l One’s characters are handmade to last many years, creating memories to be cherished forever.

"Meet the Artist"

Jeri S. Merritt

Jeri is a registered artist; a member of the New Albany Arts Council; did her graduate work at Xavier University and is a graduate of Ohio University.

Jeri and her husband, Jerry reside in Delaware, Ohio with their cat, Zoi.

Li’L Ones customer base extends around the world; with customers in Japan, Spain, Australia, England and Germany.